Commercial Embroidery Software.

High tech equipment requires powerful software to maximise its full potential. ZSK Australia offers a number of software solutions for embroidery professionals. We have options to suit start-up businesses to complex industrial solutions. Making sure you have the right software and monitoring systems in place is key to maximising efficiency and keeping production running smoothly.

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The eShop solution for the embroidery industry. 

The Smake® eShop is a turnkey eCommerce solution for B2C and B2B, from designing, ordering and fulfilment of embroidery orders. It has a simple ordering process, including fast check-out, along with a user-friendly administration.

The combination of Smake® eShop and Smake® VPW to Smake® Satellite allows you to efficiently take an order and design online and integrate it right through to production and supply.

Expand your business and client base with Smake®, a fully integrated eCommerce solution


BasePac 10

Latest Generation Studio Software for Industrial Embroidery from ZSK. BasePac is software specifiaclly built for the industrial embroidery addition. Version 10 covers the special requirements of wire and fiber laying. Data exchange and the transfer of the embroidery patterns to the production is available in all common industrial formats.

The new BasePac 10 has four subscription levels available, depending on the customer needs BASE, PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL and TECHNOLOGY.

Base program with complete lettering function, editing of existing designs and printing of designs and catalogues.

In addition to the functions of BasePac “Base” the punching software with automatic design creation “ACE Automatic Computed Embroidery” is included.

Based on the BasePac “Premium” functions, additional punching possibilities with high the automated export to non-ZSK embroidery machines is integrated.

Using this, the BasePac “Professional” version is extended with functions for technical embroidery as well as functions to create and edit shiffli designs.


The Software for Professional Punches

EPCwin sets whole new standards of functionality and ease of use. The unique, modularly designed software offers a complete solution from design to production stage.

EPCwin supports all popular vector formats such as; emf, dxf, wmf, and ai, along with sources from scanners, clipart and the internet. EPCwin is a fully featured solution offering high-quality embroidery design, from base drawings to editing to puncturing. Special functions allow the creation of contours, regardless of the quality of the image templates. This means the creation of highly detailed templates and production files is fast and efficient.

A few features of the EPCwin software solution are:

  • Change selected objects (graphically or numerically) by stretching, copying, moving, turning or shrinking.

  • Freeform curves.

  • Parallels to free-form curves.

  • True Type fonts as contours for monograms.

  • Saving and loading character elements, administration.

  • Automatic rapport such as needle and head selection.

  • Random orientation & geometric figures.

  • Tools such as; grids, guides and comment texts.

  • Simple object selection.