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Cord & ribbon machines

Commercial Embroidery Machine

The ZSK machines fitted with the special W-head are capable of individual embroidery in a huge variety of tapes, cords, chains or fancy yarns. This unique head provides impressive and unique results by using the upper thread to attach the effect yarn.

The effect yarn is freely rotatably carried on a spool directly on the needle. Depending on the condition of the yarn and the desired optical effect, you can choose between the operating modes Ribbon, Winding and Zigzag. Accordingly, the material is moved continuously (winding) or in the embroidery direction around the embroidery point.

Lateral fixation of the ribbon.

Central fixation of the ribbon.

Central fixation of ruffled ribbon.

Central fixation of cord.

Winding embroidery.

Winding embroidery with fancy yarn.

Zig-zag fixing of fancy yarn.

Zig-zag fixing of speciality cord.